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Telling your 17-year-old daughter that you don’t like her boyfriend is probably her cue to decide she’s madly in love with him, just to drive her parents crazy.Given that Hermoine and Harry – whoops, I mean Emma and Daniel – are both newly single, this “date” is probably just friends getting together as friends. They might not even have realized that it was Valentine’s Day.British actress Emma Watson is celebrating her 25th birthday today (15 April) and she certainly deserves a huge party given all the incredible achievements she has notched up in just a quarter of a century.The Paris-born movie star first rose to prominence playing Hermione Granger in the screen adaptation of Harry Potter, one of Hollywood's most lucrative franchises which has generated more than .7bn (£5.2bn) at the global box office. The first five years of her life were spent in Paris, France, where she lived with her parents but moved back to England after their divorce in 1995.3. She regularly writes in journals and diaries, and estimates she has filled about 30 spanning her entire life. She had never acted professionally before being cast as Hermione Granger but was encouraged to audition after her teachers suggested her to casting agents who were trying to fill the role.6.

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So I can't really compare it to the third because it's not very fresh in my mind.Q: Are you more confident this time around when you were doing it? (Laughs) Yeah, obviously I'm sure both of us have noticed members of the opposite sex because we're now, both... RADCLIFFE: We're both fourteen, so we're just kind of going though what any person who's thirteen/fourteen is. I'm kind of going through what every other teenager goes through, but kind of with posters. It's not as different as people would expect, I don't think, for me anyway. Q: How as it adjusting from Chris' [Columbus] style to Alfonso's [Cuaron] style?WATSON: We get more and more confident every time, really. Definitely, just because we have more experience with different directors. Download Press Conference Video 1 Q: You mentioned that you are maturing. Now, are you finding out as teenagers and as the films go on and on, you're prone to experiment with a little, you know, more teenage stuff. WATSON: What every other teenager is going through. (Watson laughs) Download Press Conference Video 2 Q: I have a quick follow-up to that, since adolescence is so taxing to begin with, here you are experiencing it in the public eye. RADCLIFFE: Basically I think everything that we learned with Chris, we were now able to put into practice with a different director.Once Harry Potter wrapped up in 2010, the Noah star enviably used her fame in positive ways, temporarily stepping out of the spotlight to study at Brown University and later being appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.Over the last year, Watson has received praise for pushing her He For She campaign, which encourages men to support gender equality, distancing the film star even further from the idea that she is simply just another actress.

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