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Unfortunately, as news reports these past weeks have shown, this is the third summer in a row where jobs are scarce and college students have to compete with graduates forced into low-paying positions due to the unemployment crisis.

Summer is here and college students are once again hunting for summer jobs.

“In the past two months, over 20,000 college students in the U. have signed up for an account on Whats Your where they are paid to go on first dates,” says Brandon Wade, the website’s founder & CEO.

“ On Whats Your, college students make up approximately 35% of the website’s 400,000 members.

While it had no students signed up in 2011, Hillsdale College has had 11 overall.

Our website provides a way for them to monetize their romantic pursuits.” On Whats Your, college students make up approximately 35% of the website’s 400,000 members.

Using the dot-EDU email addresses collected via the website, What's Your Price has released the Top 25 Universities that Date-For-Dollars: 1.) Georgia State University 2.) Kent State University 3.) New York University 4.) Temple University 5.) University of Central Florida 6.) Florida International University 7.) University of Southern Florida 8.) Arizona State University 9.) University of California, Los Angeles 10.) University of Georgia 11.) University of Houston 12.) Indiana University 13.) University of Southern California 14.) University of Delaware 15.) Texas State University 16.) California State University 17.) University of Buffalo 18.) Virginia Commonwealth University 19.) Tulane University 20.) University of California, Davis 21.) University of Hawaii 22.) University of Nevada, Las Vegas 23.) Michigan State University 24.) University of Florida 25.) University of Alabama “In this economy, many college students struggle to find summer jobs.

According to Whats Your, the world’s first and only dating-auction website, the number of college students registering to date-for-dollars has tripled in the past two months.

“Most college students are single and many actively date during the summer.

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