Passport 8500 updating

If you can find out what is used, the Passport 8500 X50 and our other current models will pick up the following: top First rule of thumb: For RADAR, the higher the better. We recommend placing the detector as low as possible. With that said, as far as positioning the detector, you want to give the detector a clear field of view: front and rear.

Please refer to technote "PI27275;8.5.5: Issues with portlet fragment caching" for more information.

The result is no visible cords and no unwanted attention.

Super Charged Radar Protection PASSPORT 8500ci Plus's patented antenna design provides long-range protection against all known radar and laser guns, including "instant-on" and the elusive "POP" mode.

Discreet Installation The all-new PASSPORT 8500ci Plus incorporates the performance of the PASSPORT 8500 X50, into a total built-in discreet defense system.

The waterproof Radar/Laser sensor is mounted in the front grill, while the miniature display controller mounts in the vehicle's interior.

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