Updating the homebrew channel Webcam movie amka

Wii Homebrew is an independently made channel for the Wii that includes access to Homebrew games and applications made by non-corporate developers.The Homebrew channel is useful for turning the Wii into a media player, game emulator and for access to some of the Nintendo Wii's hidden secrets.I did this on a Wii (3.2U), homebrew channel and Configurable USB Loader already working.

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If we are able to resolve this, we will make a new release with Boot Mii support. If you’re unsure what do to with the installer, see this wiki page for a general tutorial on how to setup homebrew on your Wii, and this one at the brand new for savegame exploits that still work on a Wii U.

Unfortunately some bugs snuck into the v1.1 release, which are now fixed in v1.2: – PAL 50Hz (576i) video mode now works properly – Boot Mii/boot2 can be installed again on newer Wiis – Icons load again in The Homebrew Channel Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, you can change the region whenever you want from the program.

5.- Create a folder named "install" at the root of your SD card.

I've been running my Wii with the 3.2U firmware for the longest time now and I've finally run into some compatibility problems that forced me to update the Wii to 4.1U.

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